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Interested in joining Tijgertje? Then complete the form on this page please! You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with the yearly fee. Tijgertje will treat any information you share with us as confidential.

Tijgertje is an association, not a commercial sports club. Tijgertje relies on committed members and the efforts of volunteers, an unpaid board and our trainers. When you join Tijgertje, you become a member of an association with a social character.

Once a member, you remain a member for the rest of the season. Your membership will automatically be renewed unless you cancel it before 1 August (see below). If you start halfway through the season, you’ll receive a discount of 10% for each training month you’ve missed. The season runs from September to June. Participation in training sessions is at your own risk, so we advise you to take out third-party "WA insurance".

Cancellation of membership
You remain a member unless you inform the board by email (to by 1 August that you wish to cancel your membership for the next season. You should also inform the contact person for your sport. A membership cancellation received after 1 August will not take effect until the end of the following season.

Relocation or long-term injury
If you move to another country during the season and are unable to train with Tijgertje, a maximum of six months’ contribution can be reimbursed. If you’re unable to train for more than three months owing to injury, the Tijgertje board may reimburse you for the period during which you are injured.

Yearly members meeting
Each year, Tijgertje organizes a meeting of all members. This is an important event in the life of our association, when members have an opportunity to discuss topics relating to the association, to hear developments at the various sports, and to vote on decisions concerning the budget and level of fees for the next season, etc. Members will automatically receive an email inviting them to the meeting.

Unexpected closure of sports facilities
If sports facilities are temporarily closed, for example by the government, resulting in training sessions having to be suspended and, as a consequence, the association incurs lower costs, the Tijgertje board may opt to reimburse in the next season part of your contribution for the current season.

Confidential counselor/complaints procedure
Tijgertje has a external counselor. Click here for more info about this (Dutch)

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