Training: Thursdays from 19:30 – 21:00

Where: Recht Boomssloot 52

Price: € 295 per season


Trainer: Lex


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Why Yoga?

If you want to create inner balance and peace while also building strength, yoga might be the right activity for you. It helps you to improve self-confidence, overcome fears and to remove toxins from your body. With yoga you can safely discover, accept and expand the boundaries and possibilities of your body. Practicing yoga is not competitive, but you can compete with your own personal blockages and work on exceeding your limitations. Above all, yoga can be very pleasant, relaxing and fun to do in a group.


Yoga for each level

This course is suitable for everyone. For those who are just getting started and have no prior experience with yoga, each posture is clearly demonstrated and explained. You’ll receive a lot of personal guidance during the class and your postures will be corrected when necessary. The more experienced yogis & yoginis will have plenty of opportunities to make the postures more exciting and challenging.

There is a fixed structure for every lesson. We start with a moment of peace and singing a mantra to direct your attention inwards. Sometimes we also briefly discuss various aspects of the philosophy of yoga. We then slowly get moving with some stretching exercises. Lex teaches Hatha yoga in the Vinyasa style and you’ll be doing a series of yoga postures (asanas) in a flow.

We end every lesson with either a short meditation, by singing a mantra or through breathing exercises (pranayama).


What do you need to bring?

Bring some loose and comfortable sportswear and perhaps a towel if you sweat easily. Please make sure you don’t eat anything two hours before the class as this can make it a bit uncomfortable when performing the exercises. We also kindly request that you arrive on time, as we start with a moment of serenity and there is no admission after the lesson has already started.


Our trainer

This course is given by Lex van Meurs, a certified teacher at Svahayoga in Amsterdam (among others). Lex combines yoga with his work as a media researcher and lives with his boyfriend on the Zeedijk in the centre of the city. Besides yoga and meditation, Lex also enjoys walking.



Eric: "For me, yoga is a weekly highlight. After class I feel completely relaxed and comfortable in my body and this feeling usually lasts for three or four days."

Daniél: "A safe place to improve my condition. After class my mind feels rejuvenated and I sleep much deeper."

Cor: "Relaxing sessions in a welcoming environment with Lex as coach and motivator."

Bert: "The yoga class brightens my week with a boost of energy and inspiration".

Wolter: "Yoga is tiring but the afterglow is almost as good as sex."



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