Wrestling is at this moment not available at Tijgertje.

If you are interested in wrestling, please send us a message and we will keep you posted on future possibilities.


Who is this training for?

Anyone, male or female, can wrestle. This ancient sport requires a combination of strength, flexibility and clear, tactical thinking. In this type of wrestling, you should think more along the lines of Greek beauties rather than American showmen such as Hulk Hogan.

At Tijgertje, we train freestyle wrestling just like it’s practised at the Olympic Games. Wrestling is a simple sport. It’s about getting your opponent on the mat. Anyone who has previously - or recently - tussled in a sandbox knows the principle. You don’t have to be strong to win, but you do have to be smart. This course offers you the opportunity to become smarter on the mat while improving your coordination and condition.

An enormous arsenal of techniques is at a wrestler’s disposal. You need to make decisions at lightning speed: Which tactics do I use? Which technique can I use? How do I react to (weaknesses in) my opponent’s defence? At Tijgertje you’ll learn all this in a fun and playful way.


Is wrestling dangerous?

Wrestling is an extremely civilised sport in which you manoeuvre your opponent to the ground. We teach you how to grapple and fall safely. In a wrestling match, all muscles are addressed. You don’t have to be very strong, but your muscles must be warmed up and we take plenty of time for this at the beginning of each training. During the warmup, there is also a short strength training with an emphasis on developing explosive strength. The neck muscles are taken care of separately and at the end of the training there is a thorough cool-down.


What should I wear?

Just a T-shirt (not too wide) and long or short training pants with clean shoes that have good soles. Jewellery should be removed or taped with a band-aid prior to training. If you are serious about wrestling, you may also consider buying a pair of wrestling shoes. A wrestling suit in the basic colours of red or blue is obligatory should you choose to participate in competitions.


Do you have to be very fanatic to join?

For wrestling you need a healthy dose of competitive spirit, but the training is open to everyone regardless of age or previous experience.  We’ll teach you to wrestle with your brain and use your power in a more efficient way.



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