Krav Maga

Training: Tuesdays from 20:00 – 21:30

Where: Antonio Vivaldistraat 15

Price: €220 per season

Info: Jan Pieter


Trainers: Stephan / Sharon


Krav Maga is a unique, unarmed self-defence method based on the natural reactions of humans to threatening and dangerous situations. It’s designed to quickly teach effective self-defence techniques to people who have no experience in fighting. It’s suitable for everyone regardless of weight, age, height or gender. Krav Maga combines practises found in different forms of martial arts that are based on your natural reflexes and mainly developed for use on the street when you may have to deal with hard surfaces, bicycles and canals. There are no referees, time limits or competitions. Krav Maga teaches you how to stay cool and defend yourself in threatening situations, and when practiced regularly, it’s also a great way to get in shape.


Why focus on self-defence for LGBT people?

For LGBT people, lived experiences show that there are unfortunately a number of scenarios or situations that can be especially dangerous and may result in the need to defend yourself.  For example, you may encounter someone in a bar or café who disagrees with your lifestyle, or you may be confronted by intimidating individuals or groups on the street. No matter the circumstance, Krav Maga provides a method and the practical skills needed to avoid, prevent and escape such threatening situations by allowing you to evade potential attacks and defend yourself should it be necessary.


Our trainer

The training is given by Stephan Wattimena. Stephan is a certified instructor from the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) and coordinates all the IKMF’s efforts for LGBT people. Stephan teaches individuals, companies and anyone who wants to feel more secure in the field of self-defence. Stephan also has many years of experience in personal training and anger management. Furthermore, he is a trained physical education teacher and the owner of "No Nonsense Gym".


What do you need to bring to the training?

You should bring a T-shirt, comfortable footwear, sweatpants or shorts, water and a hand towel. Please don’t wear jewellery as this could increase your risk for injuries. If you have them, it’s also useful to bring boxing gloves, but this isn’t a requirement and you could always purchase them later if you plan on training more intensively.


Curious? Join for a trial lesson!

We train on Tuesday evenings from 20:00 - 21:30 at the Zuidas in Amsterdam (walking distance between Station Zuid and Station RAI) in the brand-new gym of the "Kindercampus Zuidas" (Antonio Vivaldistraat 15, 1083 HP Amsterdam). The building in which we train is opposite the "Amsterdamsche Football Club" which has free parking. Our entrance is located on the side of the sports fields, and the locker room and showers are on the second floor.



Eddie: "Since I joined Krav Maga I feel more confident on the street. Not that I am some kind of Arnold Schwarzenegger now, but I am more aware of my own strength and that gives me peace of mind. I also like the open and friendly nature of the group. Actually, you get a group of friends as a gift by joining Krav Maga."

Wayne: "The Krav Maga lessons are good for me as an anger management tool. I notice that I’m more in control in situations where I used to think about violence. It gives me peace of mind and because of the fighting experience I have, it’s easier to assess escalating situations and to intervene when it’s really necessary."


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